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Artist Statement

I am a painter and a sculptor. My sculptural works are small, using a variety of sometimes non-traditional materials. However, my work is primarily as a painter, and for nearly twenty years I have been working from a studio in County Mayo. In that time, I have structured my practice in themes, mostly focusing on representing some aspect of the natural environment. Over the last number of years, I have sought to reflect in my work the unfolding tragedy of climate breakdown and habitat loss. 


My process of working is to delve deeply into a subject, researching it and accumulating knowledge, and gaining a better understanding. It is an important starting point, allowing me to embrace the various subtleties of the given theme before I begin to paint or make. It is also essential for me to feel an attachment to the work I am doing, through some particular interest or emotional connection.

My paintings are usually on a small format, on boards, and often focusing in on minute details. I am drawn to capturing these aspects in my work, seeking out interesting details and what I see as beauty. It is also a way for me to respond authentically to the subject before me, and honour what is true to me through representation.

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