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Rusting Roofs

I was engaged with this project on and off between 2009 and 2013. Rusted, galvanized, corrugated roofs had caught my attention over the previous number of years. I photographed them locally and on trips throughout County Mayo and further afield.  (more)

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Once I had taken note, I saw that they were dotted throughout the landscape of the West of Ireland: on sheds and long abandoned dwellings. I enjoyed the strange juxtaposition of sometimes finding them functioning as sheds beside new, well-maintained houses, as though standing in defiance of so-called progress and modernity. I loved their colours: browns, reds, oranges, and on closer inspection, purples and blues were there also. They seemed evocative of this landscape and when dry, gave off a warm, agreeable feeling, which to my eye, have a certain irregular beauty. The work in this series captures these elements in a close-up examination in paint and sculpture, with a strong emphasis on shape and colour.

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